Thursday, 27 January 2011

The attraction of power

What makes people hunger for power? I offer this interview with an anonymous ex-politician as a possible insight.  Since the interviewee is hiding under a cloak of anonymity, I leave it up to you to evaluate the reliability of his comments.

JG: So why was it that you wanted to rule the world then Mr ------.
X: Well, I'm a man of conviction.  And when you're right all the time, you have something to offer. You see, in a sense it's your duty to lead.  Make no mistake, if you leave others in charge, they will take you down the wrong path.  So for those of us who can see where others are blind, our leadership is decisive in making the world a better place- as mine indeed was.
JG: You say that you are a man of conviction.  What exactly is that you are convinced about?
X: Well, you see, I am in touch with God.  Not many politicians are. And this of us in touch with God have the advantage of special insight. Take my friend, Dubya, for example. He was in touch with him too.  So no surprise  we were singing from the same hymn sheet.
JG: But I seem to recall that pretty well no one else in the world agreed with you...
X: We were right, we were right then and we are right now. The others were wrong.
JG: So how did you persuade them.
X: When you're at the top, you do what you have to do.  Good reasoned arguments, presenting facts in the right light ...
JG: You mean lying.....
X: No....well, not much.
JG: What would you say the role of colleagues was?
X: To make observations, suggestions, then to do as they're bloody told.
JG: Wouldn't you say the exercise of power was a pretty tough battle, on the whole?
X: Exactly!  The fight for right it is not easy.
JG: Why did you do it?
X: Well, if you're called, it's your duty.  And it sets you up for the lucrative lecture circuit later.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Democracy in Action

Blair vs Chilcot today.   Interesting!

Blair to Secret Service: Please tell me the Sadaam has all those WMD we're going to take off him.
Secret Service to Blair: Well, we don't know he doesn't have any.
Blair: That's good enough for me!
Blair to Attorney General: Please tell me this legal war I'm going to fight is legal.
Attorney General to Blair: Well, I can't say that it is illegal.
Blair: That's good enough for me!
Chilcot to Blair: Didn't this little bit of uncertainty worry you?
Blair: Not at all.  God knew. And he told me.
(Worrying thought - Is Cameron REALLY the new Tony Blair?)  

Thursday, 20 January 2011


Just me and the computer.  For an undistinguished, unknown author, this is all your working life is.  Write  some more of the latest book.  Send some emails to potential agents or publishers.  Read the rejection emails.  Cry. (Careful you don't get the keyboard wet.)  Read how to market e-books - do some of the stuff they suggest.  Click, click click, as my fingers dance over the keys.  And all the time, the strange sensation that I'm talking to myself.  Hoping someone will catch you on Skype for a short  conversation.  Do all struggling writers suffer from this, I wonder? 
Thank goodness for film making - an occasional chance to actually connect directly with other humans to do something that will have a creative output.  James contacted me and we may do a film review next week.  That'll get me way from the computer desk for a bit. And I'm one actress away from getting a cast for the short film from Emma-Lee's script. Hope that one comes off.  
Aah well, back to you Mr Microsoft.  Which buttons will I press next?